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These cooking links deal with all food subjects such as good recipes, cooking food, home cooking, cooks cookware, kitchen cookware, grill cookware, bakeware cookware, cookware pans, shops and manufacturers, grocery and food suppliers, kitchen aids, and cooking techniques like Dutch oven and crockpot recipes.
This page covers any cuisine, including but not limited to American kitchen, Mexican cuisine, Italian pasta, French cuisine, Australian tucker, English breakfast, Chinese cooking, Japanese sushi, Thai food art, and other Oriental cooking.
If you need a recipe, here you will discover a collection of links to quality internet pages related to cooking and kitchen.

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Cook's Metric Tables
World Wide Metric
Science Made Simple
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American Kitchen

These pages are devoted to authentic American cooking. (also see barbecue)
Perfect Christmas Turkey Amish Recipes
Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking
Historic American Recipes
What's Cooking America
Native American Recipes

Australian Tucker

Check these pages for original Australian cooking. (except barbecue)
Benjamin's Bush Tucker
Food Down Under
Good Old Aussie Tucker
Joyce's Fine Cooking
Old Aussie Food Recipes

British & Irish Cuisine

Discover the fine cooking traditions of Great Britain and Ireland.
CeltNet Recipes
BBC Food
English Recipes
Henrietta's Recipes
Irish Recipes & Baking
Nigella Lawson
Jamie Oliver
Traditional Scottish Recipes
UKTV Recipes

French Cuisine

For French recipes, check out these cooking links.
Cuisine France
Easy French Food & Recipes
Easy French Recipes
French Food & Cook

Indian Cuisine

For Indian curry or a tasty vegetarian recipe: real Indian recipe pages.
Indian Curry Recipes
IndiaExpress Recipes
Indolink Indian Recipes
Recipes India
Ruchi's Kitchen

Italian Cuisine

On these pages you'll find the best authentic Italian recipes and dishes.
ItaliansRUs Recipe Index
Italian Chef
Italian Foodies
ItalyLink Recipes
Pianofab Italian Recipes

Mexican Cuisine

Discover the sophisticated Mexican cuisine: easy recipes for great food.
Down Home Mexican Recipes
MexOnline Mexican Recipes
El Restaurante Mexicano
Rockin' Robin's Mexican Blog
UdG - Mexican Cuisine

Middle East Cuisine

For a fine collection of Middle East food from Iran to Egypt:
Al Bab - Food in the Arab World
AGC - Arab Recipes
Al Sudairy's M.E. Recipes
Food from the Arab World
TourEgypt - Egyptian Recipes
Friends of Morocco Recipes
Iranian/Persian Recipes
ICS - Iranian Recipes
Binnur's Turkish Cookbook

Oriental Cuisine

Check out these sites for Japanese, Chinese, Thai and other oriental recipes.
Bob & Angie Japanese Cooking
ChinaBistro Recipe Collection
Chinatown Online
Chinese Food DIY
Chinese Food Made Easy
IndoChef - Indonesian Food
My Korean Kitchen
Thai Table
Temple of Thai
Tokyo Food Page

South African Cuisine

These pages are devoted to South African recipes and dishes.
Cook Sister!
Field to Feast
Kitsch 'n' Zinc

Various International Cuisine

BelGourmet - Belgian Recipes
Swedish Kitchen

Cookware and Cooking Blogs

These cooking bloggers share their good recipes and cooks cookware with you.
The Best Cookware
Chocolate & Zucchini
Once Upon A Feast
Italian Foodies
Cook Sister!
The Cooking Diva
Cooking with Amy
Cooking with Cyndi
Simply Recipes (Elise)

Chiles & Beans

Chile, chili, chilli, chillie or chilly, the recipes on these pages are HOT!
Amigo del Chile
Chilli's Galore

Cooking Tips & Tricks

These cooks are willing to share their tricks and cooking secrets with you.
Cooking Hints & Tips
Ruchi's Cooking Tips

Bread & Pastries

Here you'll find lots of ideas and recipes for bread and pastry.
BreadNet Bread Recipes
Pastry Wiz Recipes

Crockpot Cooking

On these pages we collected websites about the art of crockpot cooking.
A Crock Cook
Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes
Crockpot Recipe Collection
Crock Pot Recipes
Easy Crockpot Recipes
Slow and Simple.com
Tasty Crockpot Recipes
Wikipedia: Slow Cookers

Dutch Oven Cooking

A Dutch Oven on a campfire is the other way of cooking outdoors.
Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking
Dutch Oven Cookware .com
Lodge Mfg. Dutch Ovens
Maca Supply Deep Dutch Ovens

Icecream & Dessert

Discover that everyone can master the art of icecream. Plus a bunch of great dessert recipes!
Desszert.com Recipes!
Ice Cream Recipes

Vegetarian Cuisine

These vegetarian recipes prove that vegetarian dishes can taste fantastic!
Vegetarian Lunches
Indian Vegetarian Cooking


Once Upon A Feast

Good Recipes Pages

Check out these sites for all kinds of wonderful, special or quick recipes.
Sandi's Recipe Corner
Teri's Kitchen

Cookware Internet Shops

On the internet you can find all kinds of beautiful kitchen cookware.
Slow Cooker
Discount Kitchen Appliances
Cookware Online (UK)
Chef's Catalog

Cookware Manufacturers

For more info on specific grill and bakeware cookware and pans, check out the manufacturers!
Le Creuset
Lodge Mfg. Dutch Ovens
Maca Supply Deep Dutch Ovens
Sitram Cookware

Commercial Cooking Sites

Hormel on Cookware


The right ingredients are the basis of good and successful cooking!
Lock's Bar-B-Q Sauce
Mexgrocer Mexican Food
Monty's Gourmet Foods

Cooking Forums

If you wish to share kitchen secrets or get advice, connect to a cooking forum.
Discuss Cooking
ChefTalk Cooking Forum

Cooking Webrings

The Ring of Fire
Yummy Recipes Webring


A good cookbook is a joy forever. Check out this web cookbook library:
Collectable Cookbooks